The New Model of Selling – Part 3 of 3

In this partner training webinar, we are going to conclude our 3 part series on the New Model of Selling with 2 critical parts of the process.

The Proposal Process

Find out the TWO Main Rules that almost EVERY salesperson breaks when sending a proposal and why it costs you so much sales

Why you should offer more than one option. (Adds major profits)

Should proposals be signed? This is critical!!

How to Present by NOT presenting!

What you should build your presentation around (it’s not the product)

How much time you should spend on the actual product and why? (everyone misses the mark here)

Why case studies are important but what they should REALLY communicate

How to measure the interest of your prospects throughout the process without sounding “salesy”. (We are giving away the questions to ask)

How can you determine if your prospect is serious about changing their situation?

Asking the right “qualifying questions” How do you know when to close? It’s natural if you ask these two simple and overlooked questions!

You don’t want to miss the conclusion of this extremely popular series!