Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

Qualifying Factor

Not Recommended

Terms: varies


Commercial Real Estate financing helps businesses finance their commercial real estate.

To use as collateral
-Credit Score 660+
– Must own home or commercial property
– Physical building with tenant
– Must have equity in property
-Must have revenue

To Purchase:
-Credit score needed is based off of experience
-First time investors credit score 660+
-Minimum credit score accepted 620
-Fix n flip, Fix n hold, multi family and new construction programs available.



Sarah has a medical practice with the opportunity to purchase the commercial real estate where her office resides.  She has a 30% down payment and a great personal credit score.  She has been in business for 2 years, and has tax returns showing profit.  She was approved for the $500,000 real estate loan.  The property has proved to be a great investment for her business.